Gain a whole new perspective on your architectural projects, retail products or real estate with 3D rendered models. When your project needs something extra special, a level of quality to impress investors and stakeholders, consider our premium 3D visualization services.

Our clients are always impressed at the level of detail and quality that’s possible to produce using our latest advances and technology in computer rendering. While a few years ago it may have been difficult to product photo realistic imagery, today, our visualizations have a higher level of attention to detail which makes them virtually indistinguishable from photos.



Vancouver is one of the most competitive real estate markets in Canada, and Pixlworks Productions creates stunning photographs that gets maximum results.  Lower mainland boasts some the most luxurious properties surrounded by the most magnificent scenery imaginable, but capturing these impressive properties in captivating imagery can be very challenging for many area real estate agents.

To remain competitive in the fast-paced world of Vancouver real estate, today’s agents demand high-quality photography utilizing the most advanced technology.


3D interior renderings are used by designers to tour clients through the home and show various elements and colour choices. A great tool that even homeowners find it useful to help plan their renovation projects so they can show the contractors that they hire what they have in mind, highlighting key features of the design.

Having an interior house design rendering is a budget friendly alternative way to building model homes, and your clients will be able to view your fabulous design from around the world.


Many people view the exterior of a hame as less important. By seeing a 3D version of the exterior of a home, you can analyze all the small details and design choices. You can get an idea of how to plan the landscaping and the driveway and how the home will look on the land, and against the nearby surroundings.

This way you can have a bomb looking exteriors that will make even the neighbours jealous!