PixlWorks Productions Inc have several large clients across Canada who have contracted us to perform work for them. As travel to many of these locations makes the job very expensive, so we are looking to contract location providers. These can be both commercial and residential contracts.
Please complete the information in the form below, tell us about your experience, what equipment you have and how much you would like to be paid (in CAD please) It will help if you are as detailed as possible, as we will quote on the jobs based on your information.
Unlike some of those companies out there that are paying peanuts for your time, we let you dictate the price and we pass this on to the client. If they are happy with that amount, you get the job. It’s that simple.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at contractors@pixlworks.com

in KM
Matterport scans will be very helpful
Please be as specific as possible as we will quote a job based on these amounts.