Matterport FAQ

So you have just received a matterport tour. Now what can you do with it?

When your tour has been completed, you will receive a link that you can share with your clients via email or text message. Simply copy the link and past into your email or text message, and your clients can click and view their tour.

To ensure you comply with MLS rules, we also include a link to do this. The link will have presented by, contact details (branding), VR and any external links hidden.

Depending on the layout and design of your website, there may be a button to direct people to your tour. This button may be labeled tour, or agents often use the video link. If this button doesn’t exist, please contact the admin of your website and ask to have this feature added.

Embedding the tour in your website will ensure the viewer stays on your page.
When you receive your completed tour, you will be provided with a small line of code that needs to be added to your website and it will look something like this

[enter sample here]

The section in red is your tour link, with the section in green being the actual code to make it work. If you would like to change the attributes of the box the tour, this can be done by altering the width and height to a number or percentage (e.g. width=’1080′ height=’720′ or width=’75%’ height=’50%’) You may need assistance from your web developer for this

Given the visual nature of our business, social platforms are one of the best ways to share your work! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter are all recommended platforms that you can leverage to distribute your tour. Click on the share icon on the bottom right of the screen, then either click on the social media icon to forward to that page, or copy the link and insert manually if your social media platform is not available here.

Brand and customize your tours on a single property page with a custom vanity domain.

  • Seamless integration with your matterport tour
  • Image and video embeds right on your page
  • Rich agent data shown on your pay
  • Lead generation with a baked-in form with each page that automatically sends to your email address
  • MLS compliant. Boost your SEO and viewable with MLS Compliant unbranded and fullscreen views that link back to your site

We can provide you with a powerful skin that adds new features to your tour.
These features include

  • Interactive map (hotspots, mattertags, measurements and labels)
  • Mattertag directory (an interactive list of all of your spaces mattertags)
  • Mattertag content box (show the content in a panel instead of a floating box)
  • Google analytics (track actions within your tour and view interaction in realtime)
  • Extended language support (view in different languages)
  • Photo filters (boost the brightness or saturation of your tour)
  • Background music (add background music to your space with a play/stop button)
  • 2XUI for large displays (increase the size of the showcases
  • UI (user interface) for better appearance on large screens, perfect for office demonstrations)
  • Custom menu colours (change showcase menus from black to whatever colour you would like)
  • Social sharing (share on facebook or twitter with tour thumbnail and title)