What's under my drywall?

Have you ever drilled a hole in the wall and hoped you would not hit a water pipe or an electric cable?  If you’ve had this misfortune, you know what an expensive mistake it can be.

At PixlWorks we provide many “rough in” scans to contractors and homeowners when they are renovating or building a new home. These scans will not only give you a visual reference of what’s under the drywall, it will also let you take measurements, letting you know exactly where the hidden items are.

When the day comes for you to hang that painting, add a tv bracket or run a new light switch, you can plan and cut with confidence.

We keep a backup copy of your scan on file and transfer one to your email address so its ready to use when you need it. If your property has no power, no problem, we bring our own. A scan takes between 30 – 120 minutes and is available the next day.

This is also a great selling feature for contractors when marketing your services.