Digital Twins for all your spaces

Matterport is a 3D scanning technology that turns any space into an accurate and immersive digital twin.
Starting in 2013, we were the first company to bring Matterport to Canada, and currently operate the largest team in Canada, scanning over 25 million sq ft per year. 
PixlWorks only use the latest Matterport cameras (Pro 2 and 3), and we do not create tours with phones or 360 cameras. These devices often create inferior low quality, warped and distorted scans.
When you need the highest quality Matterport tour for your space, PixlWorks is the company to choose.

Simplified Scan

Basic Matterport scan. May include open doors, garage, exterior location and people within the tour.
Ideal to show your client directly.

Standard Scan

High quality branded scan, clean dollhouse, room labels and exterior scan when possible. Perfect for real estate listings.

Premium Scan

Highest quality scan performed for interior and exterior with the Matterport Pro 3 camera. Room labels, Mattertags, embedded photos and video available.
Ideal for that special property or long term advertising (constructed apartments, retail and rental locations)

Rough In Scan

For construction clients. Maintain a record of what is under the drywall to assist in location of electrical, plumbing, HVAC and framing. Client copy available.

CGI Scan

For properties not yet built. Constructed 3D model converted to Matterport tour.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging for Matterport tours. Save time and cost on physical staging.

Tour Enhancements

Embedding photos and videos, Mattertags (hotspots) colour correction, audio overlay, quiz creator, paywall, v-commerce and avatars.

Virtual Reality

View your Matterport tour from a remote location in virtual reality. This immersive way of viewing a property is the closest thing to actually being there.

Augmented Reality

Overlay items within a Matterport scanned space and view them on a smart phone, tablet or AR connected glasses.