Video is a powerful engaging tool for your property that can both educate and deliver emotion in a way that static images can’t. PixlWorks offers several styles of video to help showcase your space, from standard panning to full production with actors.

Cinematic Walk Through

A video consisting of interior and exterior panning, room to room video, speed ramps and appliances shots, keyed to music timing.

Agent Narration

Enhance your video with an agent introduction or full narration.


Elevate your property with stunning aerial footage. by showcasing your property’s unique features and stunning surroundings from a new perspective.

Commercial Properties

Video is used in commercial property to showcase the property in a more engaging and dynamic way, allowing potential tenants to get a better sense of the space before visiting in person. It can also help to create a strong first impression, effectively marketing the property and potentially leading to higher leasing rates.

Advertisement Commercials

Do you have a product or retail space that needs a video? We have many options, from standard product video to full production with actors.

Social Media Video

A quick 30-60 second teaser video added to any video package, for distribution on Facebook or Instagram.

Matterport to Video

Have a Matterport scan? Create more use by converting it to a video.