Sign Posts

What makes a PixlPost so great?

  • Large sign – from 24″ to 40″ wide
  • Locked in – post is secured to the ground stake to resist unwanted removal
  • Ground stake – only a 1″ size hole in the lawn, no more digging
  • Side tie – ensure your sign is visible when it’s windy
  • Side rider – unique additional signage on the side (optional)
  • Colour cap – stand out with our custom caps
  • Sign rider – add your favourite sign topper
  • Secure clips – secure clips that can’t be removed
  • Complimentary sign pickup, storage and installation

    Our posts are made from rigid vinyl. They do not chip or have the paint peel, ensuring they look great at all times.

Sign Storage & Transport

Are your signs beat up? You spend a lot of money on them, so we will treat them with care. Signs are stored and transported upright in shelving, and not thrown in the back of a truck. keeping them in great condition for longer.


Our custom web-based system makes ordering your next sign post install a breeze. Multiple account level setup (from full brokerage to individual assistants)

Post placement

Has your sign post been installed in the wrong location before? We supply placement flags to ensure the installation is exactly where you want it.

Inventory Control & Tracking

How many signs do I have left? Never wonder again!, with our real time inventory control system.

Install Confirmation

Receive immediate notification and photo when your sign is installed.


A reminder is sent to you before your included install time expires. Request a removal at anytime.

One great price

One price for all installs. No more confusing pricing for different zones.

Sign printing

Need new signs? We can provide you with your full range of sign printing from coroplast to metal reflective signs at the best price in Vancouver.