Construction & Renovations

When building a home or commercial space, visualization is key. PixlWorks can provide Rough in Scans to allow you and your clients to see under the drywall, virtual tours, photography, laser scanning and marketing material. We can also assist with drafting plans, structural design and permits.


Drafting is an essential aspect of the construction industry. Accurate measurements and dimensions are crucial to any construction project.
PixlWorks can provide you with a range of drafting options, from basic 2D marketing floor plans, to As-Built, 3D, rendering and city permits.

Rough in Scans

Rough in scans are performed before the drywall is installed. A rough in scan will allow you to view utilities and measure distances, allowing you to accurately find their location after the project has been completed. 

Providing a rough in scan to your client is a great way for them to save money with future renovation or property additions by retaining a record for contractors to know immediately where items are location, saving time and potential damage.

A client copy of all rough in scans is available.


Matterport has been the default virtual tour platform for real estate for many years. With the ability for the viewer to explore the property at their own pace or from a remote location, a Matterport tour is the next best option to being there.

In construction, Matterport can provide many uses, from documenting construction progress for remote viewing, rough in scans to portfolio scans showing off your completed work to future prospective clients. With the addition of tags and media integration, you can tell a story of why your build quality is superior to others.

Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning, also known as lidar (light detection and ranging), is a technology that uses laser beams to create a three-dimensional representation of a physical object or environment that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Our laser scans scan be performed at high accuracy and resolution and delivered in many different formats to suit your needs.


Have you just completed that amazing renovation or new build and want to capture the space for your portfolio? 

PixlWorks has many options for the construction industry to capture your space. If you don’t have the time, we can virtually stage your empty build to show off the property in the best way.