TV/Movie & Entertainment

Are you looking to promote your movie, tv show or entertainment performance in a unique way. Are you needing to 3d scan a set for continuity or do you need to find a location for your shoot. Having worked with several major studios over the years, PixlWorks has produced 3d scanned assets, full custom virtual tours replacing blue and green screen and scanned many spaces for locations scouts.


A Matterport scan can allow you to create an interactive walk through of your set or venue for remote collaboration. Adding 3D scanned assets to an existing space can also assist with space planning or set design. An Augmented Reality solution can also be implemented, enabling the production crew to see the set before construction commences.

Custom Tours

A custom tour can turn your set or venue into an interactive space, game or experience than can exist after it has been removed. Let your space live on with further uses after filming has stopped.

Green Screen Replacement

PixlWorks can replace green/blue screen backgrounds from your set (2D, 360 images or video) for use in further projects.

3D Laser Scanning

Do you need to remove a set and have it rebuilt at a later stage. 3D laser scanning can ensure continuity with your set location, giving you a permanent record of the space.


From full set to individual item, 3D scans and asset creation, PixlWorks can help you with your photography solutions on set or in your entertainment space.

Movie Location Service

Do you have a potential filming location? PixlWorks can scan and document a space, creating a report and scan of your proposed location, outlining physical space dimensions for filming, equipment, power allocation and parking space square footage.