As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Photography is the most popular way of showing off a location or product, and it the most common method of marketing. PixlWorks can provide you with all of your photography needs.

All PixlWorks Photography (*excluding extracted) are processed with blue sky replacement, TV image and fireplace flames at no extra cost. This is a standard service, and not a special.


Extracted images from a Matterport scan are a great way to show a space on a budget.


Ambient or single flash photography is perfect for real estate listing.


High dynamic range photography blends multiple exposures to create a stunning look.


Flambiant, or flash ambient photography combines multiple natural light and flash shots to produce a stunning image.


Twilight or the “Golden Hour” photography is taken at dusk to give the signature image with deep blue skies.


Adding drone footage can show off a property in a unique way. 

360 Image or "Virtual Tour"

A 360 image, or often referred to as a “Virtual Tour” are created with multiple shots which are then stitched together. The viewer can pan around, seeing the entire space from that location.

Sky Replacement

Don’t let grey skies get you down. Our standard, HDR and flambient photography include sky replacement for free. Yes, free!!

Virtual Staging

Have an empty location that can be enhanced with some furniture, a fireplace with some flames, a tv with an image? Save on the physical cost of staging.

Day to Dusk Conversion

Can’t make a twilight shoot work? We can convert your exterior shots to give that twilight look.

Cluttering Removal

Do you have a location that is a mess? Digital removal of items is a potential solution. Combine this with virtual staging to make your images pop.