Preparation Checklist

Preparation Checklist

Preparing your home for sale is crucial for obtaining the best sale price. Potential buyers will often overlook your property if it is messy, missing items or things are incomplete.
We have created a basic list of things you can do to help your place present in the best way.

This page can also be translated into many languages. If a required language is not available here, please let us know and we will add it for you.


□ Remove vehicles from the driveway
□ Remove garbage and recycling bins from sight
□ Mow and tidy the lawn
□ Remove shoes and coats from the entry way
□ Turn on all lights and replace bulbs if required. Keep the bulbs the same (don’t mix yellow and white together)
□ Set blinds to open or a consistent height in every room
Fix or remove broken blinds or curtains
□ Clean the windows or any reflective surfaces
□ Remove space heaters and fans
□ Remove any personal items or photos you do not want included in the advertising material
□ Remove any pet bowls, toys, beds and scratching posts


□ Close the toilet seats
□ Remove towels from shower door and curtain rods
□ Remove bottles from tub and shower area
□ Remove air fresheners, toiletries, toothbrushes, hair appliances from the counters
□ Remove floor mats and stools
□ Clean all glass, including mirrors and shower doors


□ Remove tea towels and dish cloths
□ Remove magnets, kids artwork and calendars from the refrigerator
□ Clear the countertop and surface of all clutter and cleaning products
□ Set the dining table with plates, cutlery and wine glasses


□ Position the couch cushions neatly
□ Turn on the fire place (if it’s not too hot)
□ Remove cords that bunch or run along the floor
□ Remove newspapers, tissue boxes and remote controls
□ Turn off the television & ceiling fans


□ Make the bed
□ Remove laundry baskets, stuffed animals and toys
□ Close closet doors
□ Remove any photographs, personal belongings or wall posters that are unsuitable for advertising

Ensure your property is ready to shoot at the time the appointment has been scheduled. Our technicians often have multiple back to back appointments, so any delays on site may result in the appointment being rescheduled or abandoned. Any rescheduled appointment will result in a delay to your listing and may result in additional charges.

Please limit the number of people who are home during your appointment. Do not book other services at the same time, as this may cause unnecessary delays.

Please lock away or relocate animals during your appointment to ensure the technician and their equipment are safe. The technician may be opening exterior doors and can not be responsible for your animals escaping unless this has been previously organised.

Our field technicians are not authorised to move any items (small items are ok, e.g. garbage bin, laundry baskets etc, no large boxes or furniture) Our insurance does not cover this, and they are there to obtain images and scans for your marketing material. Please have all items moved prior to the appointment.

Please do not have any trades on site during the appointment time. Freshly painted walls (or touch ups) may turn out poorly if it is still wet, resulting in additional time to complete your images. Additional costs may apply for unordered photoshop work.

If your realtor has ordered a 3D, Matterport tour or 360 images “virtual tour”, please be aware that this involves a camera taking a full 360 degree view in multiple locations. Moving items from room to room may result in this process being delayed and the technician will need to eliminate areas or organise a return visit. Additional fees may apply.

If your realtor has ordered a floor plan, it may be necessary to scan/measure inside closets, the garage and all rooms. These scans are for measurement purpose only and will not be available to the general public or shown in any advertisement material.
If you have any area that is private and will be inaccessible, please inform your realtor before the appointment and technician upon their arrival.

If your realtor has ordered a video, please ensure additional people are not onsite, or are looking out the windows while filming. The technician may not see you and can not remove your image from the final video. If aerial/drone shots are being performed, please remove all vehicles from the driveway.

We want to showcase your property in the best possible way, helping you achieve the best chance of attracting potential buyers and obtaining the highest sale price.

These basic tips are a starting point to getting your home ready for your marketing material and for potential buyers to visit.

We wish you the best of luck with the sale of your property!​