Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that overlays computer-generated information onto the real world, typically viewed through a smartphone or tablet. It enhances the user’s perception of the physical world by adding digital elements such as images, text, and animations. AR is used in fields such as entertainment, advertising, education, and retail, as well as in industrial and military applications.

Augmented Staging

Virtual staging is great for remove viewing or images remotely, but what happens when you are on location in an empty listing?
A virtually staged location can be converted into an augmented reality experience and viewed on site with a smart phone or tablet, giving the viewer the full context of a property.

Way Finding AR

Navigating your way around a new space can be a challenge. Mapping out a location and adding target destination points which are then translated into augmented reality is a great way to find where you need to go with ease.

Advertising & Information

Augmented reality is a great tool for overlaying information on real world items. Make your exhibit or structure come to life.