Museums & Art Galleries

Do you have a museum or art gallery? We can produce a digital twin or a full 3d custom tour to show off your items. With the latest paywall technology, we can help you monetize your space and have virtual people from all over the world visit your location. 


Matterport is an amazing method of showing off a Museum or Art Gallery by allowing the user to virtually visit the space. Embedding high resolution images or hotspots outlining further information about the item or piece is a great way to engage the viewer.

Custom Tours

Do you need something special that can’t be achieved by an off the shelf virtual tour software? We can create a fully customized virtual tour of your space.


Do you require high quality images of your Museum or Art Gallery? Do you have pieces that need digitizing? We have many options available.

3D Asset Scanning

Turning real world items into digital assets is a crucial way of displaying and preserving history. If you are thinking about creating a virtual Museum, digitizing your assets is the first step.


Drafting for Museums or Art Galleries can consist of navigation, emergency escape plans or a simple layout to help your visitors navigate your space. If you are planning a renovation or expansion, we can also help you with permits and drawings to comply with the local city.

Augmented Reality

As a cutting edge technology, Augmented Reality overlays digital images in the real world space. Engage your visitors with interactive exhibits.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality replaces real world items with digital assets. This is a great way to create a virtual Museum or Art Gallery for people to visit, without having to attend in person.