Post Secondary

PixlWorks can provide your school with many marketing options. From photography to full 3D scans, we have the tools to help promote your space.


Matterport technology provides an immersive and interactive 3D experience that allows students and prospective applicants to explore campus facilities from anywhere, anytime. By utilizing Matterport, schools and universities can showcase their spaces and highlight unique features, attract more students, and enhance their marketing efforts. This innovative technology creates a memorable and engaging experience that sets educational institutions apart.


Floor plans and drafting services can help schools and universities optimize their spaces and enhance the learning environment for students. Detailed and accurate floor plans allow for efficient space planning, furniture layout, and equipment placement. With expert drafting services, educational institutions can improve functionality, safety, and aesthetics while maximizing their available resources.


Capture the essence of your school or university with stunning photography that showcases your campus, students, and faculty. Professional images can be used to attract prospective students, highlight achievements, and promote your institution across various marketing channels. Invest in high-quality photography to elevate your brand and create a lasting impression on your audience.

Drone & SkyPixl

A view from above to capture your entire campus is a great way to promote your space.

Augmented Reality

Navigating a new location can be daunting. PixlWorks can provide your school or campus with an Augmented Reality option where they student uses their phone with a digital overlay helping them find their room.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be used in schools and universities to create immersive learning experiences, allowing students to engage with subjects in a more interactive and stimulating way. It can also provide access to simulations and virtual field trips that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to arrange.