PixlWorks offers many options to the insurance industry. From photography to 3D scanning, we have the tools to make your insurance claim and estimation easier.


Matterport is a great tool for capturing a property damaged by fire or flood as it allows for a detailed and accurate digital reconstruction of the affected area. The 3D virtual tour can be used to assess the damage and create a detailed inventory of the property, which can aid in insurance claims and restoration efforts. Additionally, Matterport allows for remote inspections, reducing the need for physical site visits and improving the overall efficiency of the claims process.


Photography is essential for insurance claims as it provides visual evidence of damages or losses, which can aid in processing claims quickly and accurately. High-quality photographs can also help insurance adjusters assess the extent of damages, evaluate the cost of repairs or replacement, and determine liability. With professional photography, insurance companies can improve their claims management process, reduce disputes, and enhance customer satisfaction.